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Camo Hen $9.00

Top Reed is Gray latex with 2 thin prophylactic reeds.This is an all around call for loud cutting, raspy yelping and soft purring.

Double Trouble $10.00

The stack framed call has 2 prophylactic reeds stretched to a moderate tension to create some of the best old raspy hen sounds in the wild.

Cotton Mouth $9.00

This call has 2 latex reeds with a prophylactic reed in between stretched to a moderate tension for making really good clucks, purs and just all around hen yelping.

Sweet Lips $9.00

One yellow latex reed with 2 prophylactic underneath. This call will produce some of the best cutting and raspy yelping you will hear.

Phantom $9.00

1 grey latex reed over 2 natural latex reeds stretched to a moderate tension that produces good yelps, clucks and whistles.

Fang 3.5 $9.00

3 1/2 reeds stretched to a competition style tenision. This call makes some of the most realistic hen sounds in the woods with a fang style cut.

Joker $9.00

3 reed call with one blue latex over 2 prophylactic reeds with a Batwing cut. Creating sweeter rasp in the yelps and good purring, clucking and aggressive cutting.

Ole Hen $9.00

A double reed call with 2 latex reeds that is easy to blow. Used for soft yelps, clucks, purs, and tree calls. Excellent call for beginners.

Viper $9.00

1 black latex reed over 2 prophylactic reeds with a snake tongue cut. This call makes cutting, cackling and raspy yelps along with some sweet puring for those call shy birds.

Swamp Boys Custom Calls 3x3 Stickers $2.00 each
If you purchase 3 or more calls you get one for free!

Swamp Boys Custom Calls Caps